Directed energy directorate 2014 pdf

Air force research laboratory afrl directed energy. The directed energy directorate focuses in four core technical competencies. Laser systems, high power electromagnetics, weapons modeling, simulation and analysis, and directed energy and electrooptics for space superiority. Research thrusts at the amos site include satellite detection and identification. The advanced research application collaboration environment arcade program was initiated in 2014 by afrl as a cross directorate directed energy afrlrd and space vehicles afrlrv effort to build the necessary development tools and environment for development testing. Afrl directed energy directorate develop, integrate, and transition science and technology for directed energy to include high power microwaves, lasers, adaptive optics, imaging, and effects to assure the preeminence of the united states in air and space. The directed energy directorate consists of 700 plus military, civilian and onsite contractors dedicated to providing the air force with gamechanging technology. Angel flores, are from afrls directed energy directorate located at kirtland afb. Us army research laboratory directed energy internship. Directedenergy warfare, a revolution in military affairs army war. Directed energy directorate kirtland air force base. Technology for revolutionizing 21st century warfare. Afit has been at the forefront of dod directed research, education, and innovation since the air force first envisioned using high energy lasers and high power microwaves as weapon systems. Solidstate high power radio frequency directed energy systems.

Directed energy weapons dew have long captured military at tention and. In the current fiscal environment, the department of defense. Directed energy directorate operates two major telescope sites that are used to advance ssa technologies. Implications of a changing directedenergy weapons posture.

Law 302007 energy law 302009 electricity gr 79 2014 national energy policy ken an energy management policy based on the principles of justice, sustainable, and environmentallyfriendly in order to create energy independence and national energy security. This air force policy directive afpd establishes air force directed energy weapons. Us army weaponsrelated directed energy crs reports. The ability to exploit the characteristics of space gives the war fighter a competitive edge in virtually all engagements. The joint space operations center jspoc mission system. Department of defense dod describes directedenergy as an umbrella. The projects included 1 a comparison of traditional erbium er. Research laboratory afrl defense innovation marketplace. Laser weapon system laws, the first ever department of defense dod laser weapon to be. Laser systems, high power electro magnetics, weapons modeling, simu lation and analysis, and directed. This technical note is the final report for the 2014 directed energy internship program at the us army research laboratory. Department of defense since the late 1960s, energy.

The center for directed energy cde was established as a crossdisciplinary center to conduct sponsored research which would influence the evolution of. Traveling at the speed of light, the millimeterwave directed energy engages the subject, penetrating the skin to a depth of only about 164th of an inch, or the equivalent of three sheets of paper. One of these sites is located on kirtland air force base, new mexico, and the other site is located on maui, hawaii. Air force manual afman 33363, management of records, and. Lasers systems, high power electromagnetics, weapons modeling and simulation, and directed energy and electrooptics for space superiority. We are recognized as the premier organization for exchanging information and advocating. The air force research laboratorys directed energy directorate develops high energy lasers, high power microwaves, and other directed energy technologies for the united states air force and the department of defense.

The directed energy directorate is located at kirtland afb nm, with. Six interns were mentored by 4 government employees. Innovation and networks executive agency inea executive agency for. Directed energy directorate with headquarters at kirtland afb, n. Washington headquarters services, directorate for information operations. About the directed energy directorate kirtland air force. Afrl gives warfighters new weapons system april 6, 2020 the air force research laboratory has set up the air forces first high energy laser weapon system overseas for a 12month field assessment. Pdf as a preamble to this article, we are endorsing the premise that. The directorate consists of 700 plus military, civilian, and onsite contractors dedicated to providing the air force with. The maui site is called the air force maui optical and super computing amos site.

The directorate operates on 4,325 acres of land with over 860,000 square feet of laboratory and office space. At the 2014 zhuhai airshow the china academy of engineering physics displayed its. The directorate is also involved with advanced optics and imaging technologies to improve the nations ability to precisely project these directed energies at the speed of light anywhere, at any time and with graduated intensity. The department of defense has pursued directedenergy weapons since the early 1960s, with episodic. April 6, 2020 the air force research laboratory has set up the air forces first high energy laser weapon system overseas for a 12month field assessment.

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