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How to use your cac with windows 10 how to use your cac with mac os if you have recently upgraded to mac os catalina 10. The following is a guide to assist in setting up opensuse to access cacenabled dod websites. If you are experiencing problems with your cac reader, please visit our cac support page. The activclient license is per badge, not per computer. Rocketek cac smart card reader dod military usb common access card reader compatible with windows xpvista7810, mac os x rtscr1 id ic bank card reader. Then you will see one on the right that looks like a signature but is labeled certificates. Two of the most common middleware applications used across dod are activclient and spyrus.

It is the standard identification for active duty united states defense personnel, to include the selected reserve and national guard, united states department of defense dod civilian employees, united states coast guard uscg civilian employees and eligible dod and uscg contractor. Sub rosa v5 for android available now a subscription feature which will allow you to sign and edit pdf documents with our sub rosa suite of apps. It is also the principal card used to enable physical access to buildings and controlled spaces, and it. You can get started using your cac on your mac os x system by following these basic steps. Feb 06, 2010 guys, first post as i just got my first mac last week. Navy reserve personnel with installation questions and troubleshooting can contact.

Common access card cac or smart card readers are used as a communications medium between the smart card and a host e. Middleware enables the dod pki certificates stored on your common access card cac to interface with the many public key enabled pke applications on your system and across the internet. If you can get it to work with another browser then good on you but it was basically a minor miracle. Authorized users are outlined in the r2s governance plan available on the navy reserve homeport. Has anyone had issues with using a cac reader at home. Using an intelbased apple os x system to access nmci outlook web access that shows how to set up os x 10.

On the right side where you see the sign tool, click more tools. Activclient for linux nonrefundable hid activid activclient v7. The secure cacpiv technology is licensed from thursby software, inc. The smart card technology is the same code used by the pentagon, army, navy, white house, nih and sec across tens of thousands of mac users since the mid 2000s. Smart card readers for the iphone and ipad infoworld. I am also receiving emails from people using both windows and mac computers.

A mobile cac reader from thursby software systems, inc. If you are a machine with cac access and wish to burn the software to a cd. Click proceed to continue updating the email address associated with your cac. Accessing dod enterprise email, ako, and other dod websites. The secure cac piv technology is licensed from thursby software, inc. For whatever reason, in order to access some of the navy cacenabled sites, you must cancel when it first asks for your pin. Common access card cac smart id card for activeduty military personnel, selected reserve, dod civilian employees, and eligible contractor personnel. Firmware update for scr331 reader requires a physical windows computer, mac using bootcamp, or lps see next sentence below. Scm smart card reader card readers my navy exchange. It was written to allow navy marine corps intranet nmci users to access their nmci email using the nmci microsoft outlook web access owa portal. Activclient is licensed by hhs for use by nih smart card badge holders.

In order for your cac card to work, it must meet the minimal requirements. When i use the same card reader and cac on a pc it works fine, the certificates show up and i can access sites. The screen for the smart card connector has a link at the bottom that allows the user to export the. Left double click on the file to launch it, mac os will automatically decompress it thursby suppport. For anyone having the same issue of it reading the card but saying it not working to log into nko, you need to go to and download all of the dod certificates and follow the guide there.

A program that helps your cac reader communicate with your computer. What would keep the certs from showing on my mac when the cac is showing up in keychain access and i can even enter my pin to unlock the cac. Contact your information technology it personnel to get the software. Thursby softwares pkard reader and precise biometrics tactivo support the major standard smart card formats including the cac common access card used by the u. Old cac worked fine, but the new one doesnt have certificates i can see on a mac. Click the apple icon in the upper left corner of your desktop and select about this mac. Accessing secure dod sites with safari an apple community. The yellow light on the cac reader should blink rather than remain a solid yellow if the yellow light blinks on the cac reader, then the computer has added the smart card as a device and the card will work properly. Typically macs do not come with card readers and therefore an external card reader is necessary. Click the apple icon in the upper left corner of the desktop, select about this mac. Department of defense enterprise email support page change for army personnel accessing enterprise email. Shows up as usb smart card reader not necessarily a problem d. Usb smart card reader, rocketek dod military usb cac memory card reader compatible with windows, linuxunix, macos x build in sdhcsdxcsd card reader.

Guys, first post as i just got my first mac last week. Currently, there are only four types of cac cards that can be used. Youre going to need to contact your commands it personnel. The command information assurance manager iam controls the licensing through the infosec website. Marine corps exchange marine corps version of walmart middleware. Department of defense dod common access card a smart move to nextgeneration identity credentials with 1. Jun 12, 2009 i have a document entitled cac for a mac.

Mac users are helped too i have devised 6 different methods for you to utilize to install the software. Cacpiv software multifactor authentication products. Plug the cac reader into an open usb port before proceeding, give it a few moments to install. May 29, 2018 fix mac os x keychain errors local items keychain asking for password duration. You can obtain this cd from the it department of the command you are attached to. Activclient middleware is smart card software that enables computer applications to talk to the computer chip on the hhs smart card id badge. I have followed all the instructions from this very informative website. Us department of defense dod now limits access to many of its websites to be via a smart common access card cac authenticated with a personal identification number pin. Cac for a mac is the ability to use a department of defense dod common access card cac on apple macintosh computers to access web sites that require dod certificate authentication. This software interfaces with the pki credentials and other login credentials residing on the card, and acts as a conduit between the cards cryptographic functionality and the networked applications. I was told i can get the software download for the usb cac reader at military one source but i cant find it. Does not read your gemalto top dl gx4 144, oberthur id one 128 v5. After canceling, you can then choose your certificate, and it will give you a second opportunity to enter your pin.

Heres the best way each branch can get the right activclient software. Its not as difficult as you would believedepending on your branch of service anyway. They are all receiving many pin prompts when using internet explorer ie on windows, and safari on mac computers. Id card for military family members and military retirees to access service benefits and privileges. R2s is for official use by members of the navy reserve.

Overall i love it, but can not get it to work with any navy cac required sites. Get a card reader typically macs do not come with card readers and therefore an external card reader is necessary. A short demo of how pkard for mac software meets the needs of us dod, federal government and corporate mac users for simple and straightforward twofactor authenticated cac, piv, pivi and civ smart card access to secure web sites, web vpn and secure smime apple email signing and encryption. The common access card, also commonly referred to as the cac is a smart card about the size of a credit card. At this time, the best advice for obtaining a card reader is through working with your home component. Militarycacs acronym reference page common access card. Alternatively, you can outright purchase activclient 7. Click for address and contact information for navy operational support center nosc by state and region commander, navy reserve forces command 1915 forrestal drive norfolk, va 235514615 this is an official united states navy website. Click the action in the box associated with the cac that you want to update. Dec 17, 2008 old cac worked fine, but the new one doesnt have certificates i can see on a mac. Shop staples for iogear usbc cac reader taa compliant. Concerning cac cards, only the local command can make the decision to provide cacpiv middleware to individuals for use on home nongovernmental. Activclient cac download software activclient cac v.

We are hearing mac users having problems with the scr331 reader. Common access card cac the cac, a smart card about the size of a credit card, is the standard identification for active duty uniformed service personnel, selected reserve, dod civilian employees, and eligible contractor personnel. The ensure you have the right cac card for online access, flip your cac card to the back and if you have one of the below numbers written on the top left, then. Dod cac reader help on a macbook pro macrumors forums. Fix mac os x keychain errors local items keychain asking for password duration. In this video, i walk you through enabling cac on your mac via cackey and. The navy has a major hard on for ie for some reason so the cac and all of its associated software was designed to work with ie. The intent of this website is to assist you with the installation of software so you can use your cac on your windows personal computer.

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