Cpci backplane keying software

Keying and alignment for vpx backplane slots with slot spacings 0. Kontron modular computers gmbh warrants their own products, excluding software, to be free from manufacturing and material defects for a. Schroff compactpci backplanes are, on request, also avaiable with vio set to 3,3v. Advantechs compactpci single board computers are available in many configurations. Compactpci backplanes,3u 32bit 10slot compactpci plusio hybrid.

Pep modular computers warrants their own products, excluding software, to be free from man ufacturing and. The keysight e2940a compactpci exerciser and analyzer is a readytouse solution for compactpci bringup, verification and performance measurements. In a pxi system, a chassis provides power, cooling, and a communication bus for modular instruments or io. Basic design considerations for backplanes 3 introduction since the beginning, most equipment makers have used parallel backplane architectures to deliver large amounts of data across one shared bus. E2940a 66mhz compact pci exerciser and analyzer obsolete. All backplane products provide with matching chassis and outstanding expansion flexibility. Index brief description of changes date of issue 01 initial issue mar. Oct 01, 2001 the backplane accepts eight 6u x 160mm cards, in addition to a doubleslot 8hp cpu from the front and eight 6u x 80mm rear transition cards. A 3u card conforming to cpci may find a more common usage with the increase in the number of io from both p1 and p2 connectors.

The 600 series chassis is a 21slot redundant system. Cpci backplanes secondary, system slot to right in accordance with. Compact pci cpci p1 pin out and signal names, pinout. Thank you for purchasing the patton electronics 600 series 6u cpci redundant backplane midplane and chassis.

We still offer some of these products and can build specialized, custom systems upon request. Back to the main compactpci cpci, pxi, or pci bus page. The specification for pci based industrial computers is called compactpci. Vector offers rohs compliant 3u and 6u cpci backplanes sold separately or integrated into vectorpak emc subracks or chassis. For over 15 years one stop systems has been building cpcie backplanes. Compactpci serial backplanes conforms to picmg compactpci serial cpcis. Assembled with backplanes, slot sbc and embedded pc are the power and expansion interfaces. Price of an eight slotcpci backplane with atx power connectors starts at. Index 01 march 01, 2002 the products described in this manual are in compliance with all applied ce standards.

Engineering home interface buses backplane interface standards compactpci interface standard compactpci board size. Signals are routed to two industry standard pmc io module pim sites on the. Alternatively, a separate vio power plane may be provided to supply 5v or 3. Supports expansion cards, which can either be connected via ethernet, pci express, sata or usb.

The 3u 3slot cpci serial backplane provides one system slot and 2 peripheral slots. The compactpci serial standard is an evolution of the existing picmg 2. Boards are standardized to 3u or 6u sizes, and are typically interconnected via a passive backplane. Based on the eurocard form factor and 19 mechanics, compactpci picmg 2. Stiffener the schroff 6u compactpci backplanes are equiped with stiffeners to reduce bending of the backplane during insertion and extraction of the cpci cards to a minimum. Backplanes with 25 slots are available for 66 mhz bus frequency. The buffers are bidirectional and can be independently switched for any signal. Trident infosol is engaged in providing cuttingedge technology in rugged electronic packaging systems and caters to the embedded systems. Userdefined io signals from each pmc site pass through the cpci backplane on connectors j3 and j5, which mate with the optional rear transition module rtm.

Input voltage 265v ac limited by pout 480w output max. Refer to the compactpci keying specifica tion for addi tional details on keying. Cpci plus io and cpci serial expand the backplane with serial pointtopoint connections for highspeed data transfer pcie, sata, usb, ethernet. Compactpci backplanes elma electronic has the most extensive lines of cpci backplanes in the industry. The mic3927 plugs into a dedicated slot in compatible systems. However some signals have been added to the cpci standard in addition to what the pci specification called out. Backplane micro backplane connectors and systems samtec. At orion, we have a variety of cots backplanes available, as well as the resources and experience to manufacture custom designed backplanes to your uniquely specialized needs.

Compactpci serial is an industrial standard for modular computer systems. The parallel backplane provides a physical and electrical interconnect between various modules in a system. The pmc family of pmc carriers adapt pci mezzanine cards pmcs to a variety of bus architectures including compact pci cpci, vme, vme64, vme64x, pci, and pci express pcie. We utilize the latest open system standards including vpx, vme and cpci. A line of 3u 32bit cpci backplanes offers hundreds of io pins. Therefore it is possible to use the trigger signals locally on one backplane segment, globally on multiple or on all of the backplane segments. Cpci cpci rack mount systems cpci ripac 3u, 5 slots 4u 7 slots, horizontal cpci ripac 4u7u, 8 slots cpci ripac 7u, 8 slots cpci ripac 9u, 8 slots, with ricool fan cpci serial plattform systems heipac varioa cpci s, 3u, 5 slot module heipac vma cpci, 9 slot, 3u module. Slot one is the system controller slot and the other seven slots are peripheral slots. Slot single board computer sbc and backplane follows picmg 1. The xtend3 is a 3u compactpci backplane with eight compactpci payload slots and two vita 62 power supply slots. Ixis 6u compact pci cpci carrier is one of a number of pmc carriers in the pmc family.

We offer several variations including easycable, easyplug, low profile, 32bit, picmg 2. Model types include 3u and 6u, 32bit and 64bit, 33mhz and 66mhz. The boards range from highperformance cpu boards for missioncritical applications to more allround processor boards for multipurpose crossindustry applications. The 32bit cpci line offers hundreds of io pins across the backplane that on the 64bit version are defined and therefore unavailable.

Advancedtca microtca compactpci vme schroff offers you an extensive standard. Elma uses the most advanced software and testing equip ment to. The card guides are colorcoded molded plastic with metallic electrical discharge clips and include an integral keying block to accept optional keying pegs. Rear backplane pluggable bridges pluggable psu backplanes and custom cpci backplanes modular backplanes cpci injectorextractor selflocking handles cpci compatible telecom handle embedded microswitch for full hot swap tying pin for double, triple, etc. Passive backplanes series are easily customized which include pci boards, isa boards, picmg 1. Ripac subrack and mps solutions for steven engineering.

Compactpci is a computer bus interconnect for industrial computers, combining a eurocardtype connector and pci signaling and protocols. Browse our standard backplane product offering or request a quote for a custom backplane. Xtend3 3u cpci backplane with 8 payload slots and power. The elma bustronic compactpci backplane series is designed to be fully compliant with picmg standards. Examax highspeed backplane system for 56 gbps pam4 performance, xcede hd highdensity backplane solutions for design flexibility and micro backplane solutions including edge card sockets, highdensity arrays, integral ground planes and rugged edge rate interconnects.

Particularly, much work needs to be done at the hardware device driver level. We can customize backplanes to fit any requirements. It is electrically a superset of desktop pci with ieee 1101. Pxi systems provide highperformance modular instruments and other io modules that feature specialized synchronization and key software features for test and measurement applications from device validation to automated production test. Compatibility with the parallel cpci bus architecture is ensured at cpci plus io by plugging a computer module into the system slot, which bridges the gap between the parallel and serial worlds. In addition to normal front io, the 6u cpci carrier also features the ability to make rear io connections. To help get you quickly on the way with cpci, our modular backplane series features hot swappable backplanes, pluggable power supply backplanes and backplanes with. Cpci backplanes secondary, system slot to right dedicated. Compactpci backplanes, plus io and serial backplanes. By leveraging low cost silicon and software developed for pci, compactpci has become the worlds. The backplane midplane provides two, electrically separate, 8slot cpci bus segments on p1p2. Pep modular computers gmbh rejects any liability for the correctness and completeness of this manual as well as its suitability for any particular purpose. Schroff compactpci backplanes are specially designed to achieve exellent power distribution, best signal integrity, virtually zero cross.

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