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Photo 5 position the unichip computer on the heater box above the two tabs as shown and press it firmly in place. Therefore, theyre not supposed to offer reflashes, but as highlighted, one size does not fit all hence weve gone with ecushop. Faq end user tuning unichip automotive performance. Dastek manufactures, sells and supports the world famous unichip and chassis dynamometers.

Muscle hot rod lead sled sleeper low rider gasser dragster. The unichip is an extremely powerful, fully tunable piggyback engine management system that has been continuously improved and updated since its introduction more than 15 years ago. Dastek unichip piggyback on 180 rsi toyota twin cam club. This vehicle will be sold minus, light bar, liteforce lights and pink uhf aerial. Global unichip selects vivante graphics solutions for mobile. If your vehicle is specified in the list of applicable models below all other 2. I dont believe that there is a lot in the difference, but the issue with the guys from unichip is that you have to sign exclusivity.

The car is a toyota corolla ae100 recently featured on precision turbo and engine. So guys i finally have a much needed upgrade to my car. Unichip warranty information for 90 days following the original owners purchase of a unichip, unichip of north america una warrants no other ecu product generates more power from a specific gasoline engine than a properly functioning, custom tuned unichip in the specific vehicle for which it is tuned. Our own workshop sections specialize in dyno tuning, fault finding and general servicing of vehicles. Take the unichip software for a test drive and see for yourself. Performance chip revamp install on 3rd gen 4runner duration. The unichip is an extremely powerful, fully tunable piggyback engine management system that has been continuously improved and updated since its. Attach the remaining kit supplied velcro strip to the back side of the unichip computer. A lcd touchscreen display is used to minimize space requirements and is located to provide easy visibility. They also cant inadvertently erase or change the data within the unichip because unique hardware and software is required to program the unichip. Its a closed system as they say, only works with the special software from unichip themselves. We also have a hiq on the premises to cater for all your needs when it comes to wheel alignment, wheel balancing and the ultimate 10point safety check. This install procedure is fairly easy but if you do run into an difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us. Sunnyvale, california november, 2007 vivante corporation and global unichip corp.

It is a fully functioning computer that is added to the vehicles existing engine management computer. Ford fiesta mk6 st150 ford fiesta xr4 australia ford mondeo 2. Over the years unichip performance chips evolved and the natural progression was to develop the software to such an extent that it can offer different map options within performance chips. Sled government agencies are reliable clients and theres little danger theyll skip town and not pay the bill. Several audi, seat, skoda and vw model series with 2. Take control, with the unichip q power, they say, is nothing without control and with the latest evolution of the acclaimed unichip engine management module puts the control firmly in the hands of the skilled tuner.

Purchase unichip products at wholesale prices or find unichip maps for all vehicles. Below are a few software for unichip, tuning software for q version and older version and a few more. Unichip is quite a good product its map sensors, etc are almost identical to autronicmotec, therefore the tuning and use of it is quite developed and easy. The new revised uni q chip saw the market that enabled chip owners to switch at leisure between any one of five different map options. Unichip was the first of its type and still is the best tuning module money can buy, with more than 20 years of development and design gone into the unichip q. Suspension lift, unichip, after market wheels, side steps, towbar, undertray toolbox and watertank, catchcan, stainless intercooler plumbing, anderson plug on headboard, arb bullbar and safari snorkel. Sold worldwide for more than a decade, the unichip is a tested and proven engine performance product used on the street, racetrack, and in offroad applications. Feb 19, 2010 hi all having been on both sides of the remap, and the inline chip on a diesel car, whats others opinion on them both, taking into cinsideration that a chip will cost aprox. I have unichip installed and have been running it now for around 10 days. It greatly enhances the functions and capabilities of the original computer turning it into a super computer.

Compact design because production floor space is important, the sled is designed to make maximum use of space. Flexibility unlike other products, the unichip is a universal tuning solution with which a tuner can control timing, fueling, and if applicable boost on virtually any vehicle with an ecu upon which to piggyback. Notes version notes last updated download link q tuning software 7. Last i had it was with the harness it was more expensive. The unichip was the very first product of its kind. Route the pnp loom with the 18pin molex connector over the support. With constant upgrades, covering all aspects of the hardware and software, this affordable easy to use module is truly an asset to your vehicle. This is the unichip version that gets soldered onto the vehicles harness. Faq can i reprogram my unichip unichip automotive performance. Dpchip vs racechip vs spidertuning chip tsikot forums. From what ive read i think in that order making the unichip my first choice as they can map it according to requirements towing, more torque, etc. Just because an engine rolled off the production line a certain way doesnt mean thats the end of the story. In the illustrations hereunder it is clear that the unichip tuned by sac is by far the more superior tuning product tool. So more can be achieved with the standard ecu being remapped.

The result is the ability to optimise a vehicles engine for a wide range of operating needs and conditions like never before. It will remap systems under various load and rpm conditions, giving the tuner the ability to optimize your vehicle for economy under light load and full performance under. Unichip q4 plug and play bought as an extra with my hilux but didnt reinstall it as i have no need for it. Unichip question looking for real answers tacoma world. Click on any of the brand names to shop our available unichip plug n play kits for your model. Chip tuning file service, quality professional tuning files.

The version q unichip is the result of 15 years of research and development. Product categories unichip archive kaiapoi repowers. In bygone days, tuning engines meant mechanically altering timing and fueling rotate the distributor body and change the jets. Aug 30, 2010 as you all know that before the incident, i used unichip q to tune my car af ratio and ignition timing so as usual, i like to search as many information about any products that i have or may have. If youre interested in tuning with the unichip, whether youre a professional tuner working in a performance shop or a dedicated enthusiast that. Quick navigation what is the unichip why unichip turners flux. Posted by leelbox nowadays, many consumers are rational consumers, to decide the product to buy or not, mainly in the performance of the product. Power the control you need to make 100% of the power available from the engine. The only difference is that with unichip, it dosent offer any fancy unnecessary features that autronics does, that are offered with autronics due to it being designed for racing carsboats. A great rule of thumb is that most of the brand names make great chips, but for this discussion, lets narrow it down to twounichip vs. You use the same tuning software and the same hardware to interface and control all of them. Racechip chip tuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to both hardware and software.

No permanent host vehicle physical or electronic modifications with no footprint for warranty concerns. Contact us unichip north america 1866 unichip 8642447 19040 sw shaw st, suite b, beaverton, or 97078 hours. Unichip software crack free download loadcrackdelivery. Unichip performance chips have a made a name for themselves by manufacturing tuners for a wide variety of vehicles. Remapping is better than piggy back for a car like a bmw, the standard ecu has much more processing ability and power than a unichip or similar. I went the unichip route because its a plug in device that can come back out easily. The chip maker told us that it was shifting from twosocket to uniprocessor servers to save money on software licenses and to drive up the. Modifying cars is always about improving, polishing, refining. Unichip in western cape gumtree classifieds in western cape. Control add nitrous, water injection, additional fuel injectors to. Join our team of jobbers and download software, from starting to well tuned maps, on this web site.

Hp forges apollo 6000s for single thread, scale out jobs. Unichip q4 vs commonrail chip on toyota landcruiser vdj79 duration. Step 6 open the tuning software and verify that you have the latest version software, to do this on the file menu go to help software version, verify that you now have the unichip tuning software version. Unichip vs other performance chips when comparing a unichip tuned by sac based product i.

Chip tuning file service we provide a professional chip tuning file service, world wide, at competitive prices. As a professional engine tuner, my passion is getting the best out of an engine. Sep 03, 2016 unichip was the first of its type and still is the best tuning module money can buy, with more than 20 years of development and design gone into the unichip q. Most cases are in babies less than 6 months old and are the result of a parents frustration over managing a babys crying. The remap not only gives more power, but also a diesel saving of 1015%. Can i use the unichip demo software to tune my vehicle. The unichip has enhanced overall performance, i have a 2007 jeep wrangler sahara unlimited, 3. Dastek unichip in south africa cars gumtree classifieds in.

You should watch this, ronny from and his very experienced local unichip agent travis. With the unitune software, you can tweak the custom maps that come on a unichip included in a plugnplay kit or build maps from scratch. Perhaps thats maximum power, but it could equally mean improved fuel economy and perfect driveability. Brand new, never fitted from swr 421 performance exhaust manifold designed specifically for the ford duratec 2. I have probably read close to 200 threads on unichip and i cant find one with any real answers. Sled acceleration allows the part to be accelerated up to 1. Aem brute force intake, gibson performance headers, downpipe 2 14 tubing, flowmaster 80 series muffler with two 3x12 rolled angle tips and a unichip performance chip. Performance chip a unichip piggybacks your cars stock computer and is able to add or subtract fule and ignition timeing on top of what your ecu is currently programmed for. But if you wanna start custom tuning it, you gotta buy the unichip tuning software and the unichip personal tuning trainerthe one that teaches you how to use it software. Shaken baby injury shaken baby syndrome is a serious brain injury resulting from forcefully shaking an infant or toddler. What is the unichip unichip automotive performance.

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